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Monday, May 7, 2012

Ouija Boards.

Well, this topic that I am talking about is a little bit off the normal scale. I am going to be writing about Ouija Boards and what kind of effects that they can have on people. I am was not really into that kind of thing before this weekend and I thought that it was all smoke and mirrors, but I know now, that there are things on this earth that should not be messed with. This weekend, I was with a couple of my friends and it was late. We were all really bored so we decided that we would grab a Ouija Board and try it out. We got all the candles and the crosses. Before we were able to even get out of the camper and try it out side I dropped a cross right onto the ground, and it shattered everywhere. Now, if the idea was not scary enough, now that I had broken a cross, it just made the whole thing even worse. We made it outside and sat down in the tree's. We lit all of the candles and formed a circle around the board. We held hands then we said a prayer of protection over us. We all said amen, and we touched our two fingers on the Ouija Board. One of us girls spoke out, "Is there a spirit with us?. No reply. She asked again, and then there was nothing, she asked the 3rd time and then nothing. We decided that we would go in the camper and try it. We were all very cold out side. We went in and re did the starting ceremony. She spoke up once again, "Is there a spirit with us?". Almost instantly the device on the middle of the board start to slowly inch its way over to the word yes. We continued asking it questions for around 15 minuets. For those of you that do not know how a Ouija Board works, you need to ask the spirit if you can leave and it has to say yes. Well, now that you all know that, we asked if we could go, and it moved to the word no. We were all so scared, so we just kept asking it questions and we kept asking it if we could leave, and it kept saying no, until finally after about an hour and a half, it said we could go. We said goodbye, and lifted our fingers. WE prayed after we were done, then blew out the candles. Nothing else had happened.

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