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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Be Careful and Drive Safe!

There are many teens that drive to and from school everyday. Even though they may think that they are driving safely, something may happen to them in a blink of an eye. While driving on the road students may think that they know everything about driving and what other people are doing. There are many reasons why teens are in or cause the most accidents but the top ones are drunk driving and driving at night with friends in the car.
How many teens do you think end up driving drunk? Well the stats say that 6.4%. Teens could stop all of the accidents that happen from drunk driving. But do you think that if the teens have been drinking will call their parents to come pick them up? Most likely not because they either don't want to get in trouble by their parents because they were drinking. Or they have either had too much to drink and think they can do anything and everything. If you teen called you and asked you to come pick them up because they have had too much to drink, would you?
Are you a good driver at night when you have friends in your vehicle with you? Well you may think so, but what do your friends think? When it comes to comparing who drives better male or female teen drivers, female drivers are better. In the article I read it says "the male driver death rate is one and a half times higher than the female death rate". Male drivers tend to speed more than drunk driving.

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