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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Menu Project in Spanish II

The Spanish II class is owning their own restaurant? Well, not exactly. Mrs. Shirlyn Christensen's class is creating a menu for a new restaurant they have made up in any Spanish speaking country that they chose.

Now, how in the world are they going to complete this? The class was split into groups of three and got to work. Each group chose their own name for the restaurant and designed a menu by using the Spanish food vocabulary they have learned. Lexi Anderson and her group, which consisted of Keith Konald and Andrew Puetz, chose the name “Comida Buena” which means good food in Spanish. After they have chosen a name, they start discussing foods to be put into their menu. Last, they put all their creativity into making their final menu design. At the end of this project, the class will get the opportunity to bring Mexican or Spanish foods and bring them to share with their classmates.

The educational reasons behind this project are many different things. Mrs. Christensen said, “It combines using the Spanish vocabulary with learning about the culture of a Spanish-speaking country while using technology to collaborate with others to create their final product.” Lexi Anderson likes the project so far because its fun. She also likes the fact that they are owning their own restaurant. On the other hand, Paige Heiberger is excited about this project only for the things they get to do after the project. Heiberger said, “I'm excited to taste the different foods people are making.” Anderson is all excited for the same reason.

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