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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother/Daughter Cooking Videos

A mother and daughter duo make cooking videos once a week. They make meals that are simple to make and use the utensils that are already in the average kitchen. I think that it is very cute they make videos together. I know that for me cooking does not come easy to me. I have to think about what I am doing when trying a new recipe. I also end up using google to help me out. It is very convenient  to be able to see what they are making each week and to be able to watch how they did each step by step. Yeah, the cooking shows on TV are good in all, but they go too fast for me. Knowing that you can find simple recipes and watch how they make it is awesome. I think that having her daughter on the show with her, shows kids in younger generations that it is easy and fun to cook. Also I think that knowing how to cook is important in life. Being able to cook amazingly good food will get you far in life, I think. A reason why is because you won't have to go out and eat. You know where the food has come from. You also get to experience cooking and you might actually find that you really enjoy it. For some people it is a hobby. The people that have cooking shows don't do it for money or fame. They do it because they have the passion for it and really love to cook. If they didn't like to cook they wouldn't take the time and effort to show you how it is done. I think that it is good that this mother and daughter are doing a cooking show together online because it gives them bonding time. It also shows that they do like to cook. Here is the link to their videos. Amateur Kitchen

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