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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Do Preschoolers Use Promethean Boards for?

Not only does the High School and Middle School use promethean boards, but the elementary does too. Promethean boards are kind of like interactive white boards. You can consider them to be kind of like projectors, but you can write on them. "They are another great source of technology, especially for the kids." said Mrs. Heiberger. Do you ever wonder though, what the pre school children use them for?

Mrs. Heiberger uses the promethean board to teach Saxon math and Saxon phonics. "The Preschoolers especially enjoy the board as a learning center. They use the tool to roll dice and play educational board games that we make that go along with our themes, pattern and seriation games and drawing and writing fun." said Mrs. Heiberger. The promethean board is also used to link web pages, find games online, and retell stories and songs. "The web zoo cams are a great deal of fun to preschoolers." said Mrs. Heiberger. Zoo cams take them live into virtual zoos. The promethean board is great for kids in the technological world. "It is a new way to teach the skills that is more visual and hands on." said Heiberger.

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