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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Garnier Fructis vs. Aussie

If you’re going through the shampoo aisle with your shopping cart, which shampoo do you choose— Aussie or Garnier Fructis? Both of these products are hair care brands which include shampoo.
Garnier Fructis claims to make your hair stronger, smoother, and shinier. Aussie helps with dry and damaged hair by making it moist. The ingredients in Garnier Fructis are all natural ingredients while in Aussie they’re not. Garnier Fructis contains ingredients like, coco and other fruits.
There have been both good and bad reviews for both products. People like the smell of both products. Garnier Fructis has a fruity smell, and Aussie has a kind of grape scent to it. After using Garnier Fructis, people have complained about hair loss and thought it made their hair dry. People who have used Aussie have said that it’s dried out their hair and also made it greasy.
For the most part though, there are more positive things about Aussie than there are about Garnier Fructis. Lexi Quail said, “I have used both, but I now use Aussie, and like it much better.” Dalton DeBoer said, “I like Garnier Fructis better, because it leaves my hair silky and smooth.”
Many people buy these products, or have at least once to try them out. You can get them at pretty much any store. For an example you could buy them at your local grocery stores, and of course at Wal-Mart. Also they’re both available online to buy. Both of these products have an average price of $4, so you’re not really going to be able to use that as a way to compare the two.
I have tested out both shampoos, but I prefer to use Aussie. I found better reviews about it than Garnier Fructis, and I like the smell of it better. Also I believe Aussie leaves my hair shinier, and stays nice throughout the whole day.

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