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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fire Board Returns

The South Dakota Fire Board is no longer dormant. Governor Dennis Daugaard appointed five new members to this board. This board was in dormant, because of the lack of use. I think that it is a good thing that they have a fire board. A reason for this is because fires tend to happen anywhere. This board is specified to help, make decisions, and aid the state fire marshal. You don't want to have to leave everything related to fires onto one person. The state fire marshal has a lot to do on his plate as it is. It will be very helpful to have other people's input on what should be done. It will help connect all the fire departments in the state. It is good to have a system, because if the Black Hills have a huge wildfire and the departments need help, they can rely on the other towns in the area to help them out. Another reason why I think that it is a good thing is because fires can happen anywhere and anytime. You just never know. It is good because you need to have order in order to get the fire out as quickly as possibly. It was a smart move on Daugaard's part to have the fire board come out of dormant.

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