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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cops seek those who don't buckle up

The 2012 national Click it or Ticket seat belt enforcement mobilization kicks off May 21 to help save lives by cracking down those who don't buckle up. The Watertown Police Department is joining the enforcement to help save more lives. They are joining because way too many people have died from not wearing their seat belt in car crashes. In the past six months, WPD officers have given safety presentations to more than 3,000 students in Watertown. During the presentations, officers have been stressing the importance of seat belt usage. They definitely want the students parents to convince their children to wear seat belts if they don't already. They have had officers from Watertown that patrol the school after school some days to see how many kids are and aren't wearing their seat belt. They are definitely trying to encourage people to wear their seat belts because the death level keeps rising from car crashes for people that aren't wearing their seat belt. They are saying that so many people could still be alive if they would have had their seat belt on. I definitely think that not many students wear their seat belts because they think they will be fine but in the long run, they maybe won't be okay.

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