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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Middle School Volleyball

The Middle School volleyball team has had a pretty good year. The 8th grade team has nineteen girls and 7th grade has 21 girls participating in volleyball. The girls are split into two different teams, the black team and the red team. "We work on the basic skills of serving, passing, and setting the ball. They have worked hard on some positioning and hitting. This 8th grade class has picked up quickly on positioning and have we have quite a few players that are able to hit the ball," Lexi Seeley,8th grade volleyball coach, said about everyday practices for the girls.

The girls are split into two different teams based on how well the girl can serve, pass and hit the ball during a volleyball game. Shelby Donahue, an 8th grade volleyball player, said "I like playing volleyball because it keeps me in shape and I enjoy it."According to Shelby, she thinks the season is getting increasingly better because of the practice and hard work all the players put in it. 7th grade coach LeeAnn Benson said " I think by participating in volleyball that the girls learn responsibility and team work and sportsmanship." Benson also said she likes working with these girls, because she enjoys the age groups and she likes all their energy and spirit they bring onto the court with them!

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