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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Parking Perfection

Picture this, you come to school and pull into the back parking lot only to find there isn't a single spot left. You now have to start a search investigation to look for a new spot on the other side of school. You don't have to try hard to imagine it because it happens to many of us quite often.

To figure out the best way to solve this ongoing issue we went straight to the big man on campus, Mr. Benson. If you ever find yourself in this situation, he says after you try the parking lot go to the streets by the Courthouse and ITC. Just be sure not to park in the Methodist Church, ITC, & Courthouse parking lots. “Every little bit helps,” said Mr. Benson. The best advice we can give is to carpool if you're in a family driving multiple cars to school, carpool with friends in similar activities, and walk if you live in town.

Also a big part in this issue is the declining numbers of high schoolers riding the bus. “I stopped riding the bus because of sports, and it was inconvenient,” said sophomore Gabbie Nelson. With no plans in the works to expand or build a new parking lot, it's up to us, the students, to make the situation as easy as possible.

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