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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sinking into the Night

(Richard and I after Grand March)
(Some of the Sophomores that attended.)
(My date Keith, we had a great time!)
A recent school event that I have attended is Prom. Prom was on Saturday, April 28. The day was quite an eventful day. First, I started off the day with doing my makeup and then I went and got my hair done. After that I went back home and finished getting ready. My date Keith came and picked me at my house. Of course my mom wanted to take pictures, good thing Fred and his date Martha were there, so we just took a few pictures. After that we met with a group of people and took a party bus up to Watertown. We at Second Street Station. The food was very, very delicious. The group that we were in had nine couples. On the bus we jammed out and danced. It was an awesome time. I'd go on the bus again. After we ate we went back to school and took pictures. We then waited around in the school until grand march. The theme this year was Titanic to honor the 100 years of the ship. After grand march was the dance and you could take pictures in a photo booth. The photo booth was lots of fun. When the dance got over with we all went and changed out of our dresses and we then ate some food.  After that was post prom. At post prom you could play many different types of games and you would win tickets. Once you got tickets you would go to the prize table and get prizes. There was king of the hill, a mechanical bull, and a jousting pit. There were different contests throughout the night. One contest was a bull riding one and the other one was king of the hill one. You could have breakfast before you, but I didn't because I wasn't very hungry by then. The night ended at about 4 am. The night was long, but it was very interesting. It was a very good experience. I can't wait until next year to see what that brings!

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