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Monday, May 7, 2012

Apple Taxes

The Apple company doesn't pay taxes. They don't pay taxes because the found a loophole. I don't think this is wrong because there are loopholes to about every law. I think it is  the government that should work on passing a law so that they have to pay taxes. Loopholes are found everywhere. The people must be smart enough to find them and the government is obviously not trying to do anything about it. The government should be smart enough to know that they found the loophole and should try to get rid of it. I think that in my book it is morally wrong, but a loophole is a loophole. From my point of view it is morally wrong. I think this because how could you not pay taxes like everyone else does? I also think that they should think about how California suffers. California's government could be much better economic wise than what they are. I think that Apple makes enough money that they can manage to pay their taxes just like everyone else can. Another thing is that the government in California should find a solution to have a better budget. They obviously don't seem to have a way to budget. They shouldn't have to rely on a big company such as Apple to pay taxes. The state should be able to operate with what they have. California is extremely populated. They should have a sales tax that could help with debts. They shouldn't have to be living on pennies. California should figure out how to budget. I think that it depends on what way you look at it. It depends on your point of view whether it is morally or not morally right.

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