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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Kind are you?

What kind of shade are you? There are many shades of color in the world. It starts from foundation,eyeshadow,lip gloss, and a whole lot more. Most of the makeup comes from Cover Girl. Cover Girl can cover up and do its job right when your really gonna need it. Foundation is a good cover up if you want to get tone into your skin color. Foundation can me liquid, or powder. To fine your lines in your foundation is to use Olay.

Lip gloss is going higher in the world now. There are millions of colors,types,and shape of the bottle. There is Lip Smackers for younger students and teens. And for older people and teens they get most of there's from Avon. Avon also sells a lot of makeup to,Nail Polish,Also they sell lip gloss!

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  1. are these facts? Because I use some products from Avon so its not just necessarily for older people! Personally I think the best foundation is bare minerals, just saying.