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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sticks and Stones Break Bones and Words Are Just As Bad!!

Bullying has become a serious issue all throughout the Untied States. Just the other day I was watching on the news about a mad dad going onto a bus full of children and cussing at them and threatening to kill them if they didn't stop bullying his daughter, who has cerebral palsy. The young girl was didn't want to ride the bus or even go to school because of the bullying she faced everyday from her own peers. After the incident, her parents made the decision to pull her from school and homeschool their daughter.

In Douglasville, Georgia 18 year old Bobby Tillman was brutally beaten to his death at a house party. A fight broke out at the party between two girls and two other guys at the party. One on the girls hit one of the guys who refused to hit her back because she was a girl so decided to hit the next person to cross him. That person was Bobby Tillman. He was stomped, kicked, and punched to death by three guys at the party. The Douglas County coroner announced that Bobby Tillman died because of a laceration to his heart which was caused by a broken rib that punctured his heart.

Surveys show that half of all children experience some form of bullying at some point during their school years. At least 10% of these children experiences bullying on a regular basis. I don't understand why bullying is something that is just being accepted. It's a serious matter that needs to be stopped. Why do people feel the need to make fun of and torment other people? A lot of people think well as long as I'm not hitting someone else it's okay. Wrong! Emotional and verbal abuse is just as bad as physical abuse and in some cases even worse.

You can't turn on your television anymore without hearing something about a person being bullying or a person taking their own life because of the bullying from their peers. You would think that hearing these terrible stories would make people think about their actions and stop the bullying but it seems to be getting no where.


  1. Bullying seems like a really hot topic -- all the time. Do you think that it is more prevalent in the Middle School or High School?

  2. Here's some further reading on bullying from danah boyd, an information systems researcher who studies teenagers and their use of Facebook and other social media.