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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why is the Titantic still fascinating to people today?

The Titanic still fascinates people today. The Titanic doesn't fascinate me that much because I never could get myself to get into it but to some people it really does fascinate them like Karina! I think that it still fascinates people today because it was and still is a big deal on why it happened. Some people still don't understand why it sank. Some people don't know who to blame for it or if they should even blame anybody for it. Some people blame the messenger and some people blame the captain but you will never know whose fault it really was. I also think that its still fascinating to people today because some people maybe had relatives that were on the ship when it sank. They may have died or survived it. I would think that the people that survived the sinking that it would still fascinate them today considering they want to know how in the world they survived it and how it actually happened and how they should be so glad that they survived it. Even though that there probably aren't that many people that are still alive that survived. I think that it would be so cool to go see the sunken ship in the ocean just to see what it looks like now and in person. I absolutely love the movie because it is definitely a great love story. The ship was made unsinkable but unfortunately the ship did sink. Still today, there are unsinkable ships that still sink. There is also a new Titanic movie that is out in theaters that is in 3D and I heard that it is pretty good. I haven't seen it yet but I definitely would like to go see it. I heard that the real Titanic movie is better than the new one but the newer one is still good.

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