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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Love for the Titanic!

The Titanic is very fascinating to me. I love everything about this story and what happened. I think that is just crazy to think that the biggest star liner at that time that was determined to be "unsinkable" sank. It just brings a reality check to everyone that having enough lifeboats and safety is very important. It is fascinating to me because of how something so tragic could happen. Just thinking about what the people went through on the boat is amazing. I would have loved to be on the Titanic and go through the experience. It's hard for me to explain why the titanic is so cool. Just the fact that the unsinkable ship sank. It is crazy to me how the boat passed inspection with not enough life boats for everyone. It is amazing for the people that had survived, because they saw the Titanic go down. Titanic is also fascinating because of how luxurious the ship really was. The ship was top of the line for their time. This ship was the ship that everyone wanted to be on This ship was going to change history one way or the other. It is now in the history books as sinking instead of the glorious way they were hoping it to be. Everyone on the ship was excited because they were going to arrive in New York and they were on the best ship in the world at that time. Another reason why it is still fascinating is because such a luxurious ship sank and it was supposed to be "unsinkable". I think that the Titanic also became more fascinating when the movie came out. That story touches your heart strings and makes you think of how grand the ship really was. I think the movie really made people more interested in the story of the ship. The Titanic will always be remembered. I love the Titanic, as I said earlier I wish I was on the ship to see what it would've been like.

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