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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tough times.

Well, it's. Sunday night, and I just thought of what to write. I want to write about how you never know who will really be there for you. Now I don't just mean who will lend u $0.25 when u want a sucker, or when you need help on homework. No, what I mean when I say be there for you is when you are at a hard time in your life and nobody and nothing is going your way, that person is always there with a tissue and a half a gallon of Ben and Jerry. I know now, who will and will not end up there for me. I have been going threw a lot lately and It's been though. It was not for the people that care about me and my faith in God, I am not sure how I would have been able to handle this. Now, back to what it was that I wanted to write about. The thing that makes me realize that you are really going to be there for me is when the going gets tough, and it involves other people that we both know, and you are still going to back me up and defend me. This weekend, I found out that I had lost a family member, and I was completely taken by the situation that I was not sure how to handle it. My boyfriend, Braydn, had called me, I told him I couldn't talk, and that I wasn't in the mood to hang out. I did NOT, however, tell him what had happened. Thirty minutes later, there is a knock at my bedroom door, and Braydn pokes his head threw the door way and see's me crying. I was not in the mood to hang out or even talk so I shut the door and told him to go home. About 30 seconds after I shut the door I hear a small voice through my door and the voice says,"Braydn, she is not in the mood to talk right now, so I think u should leave, and go sit on the couch." Then the door opens and my little brother ,Morgan, walks in and says ," Kelly , don't worry about him, I took care of it. I know you don't want to talk, so I will just sit here." Morgan walks up to the end of my bed and sits there with me. He sets his hand on my back and taps it saying, "It will be okay". I never knew how much the little bugger loved me and cared about how unfelt until that moment. My heart was completely warmed by what he had done and said for me, he made my day seem a little bit easier to get though. THe point of this story was to give you an example as to what it is really like to have somebody be there for you. So now what you should do is think, think about if you have a friend or person that will walk into your room and sit next to you on your bed when your crying.

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