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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Track season is here. I haven't gone out for track since I was in eighth grade. I decided that to be a sprinter and do hurdles. I was most excited to do hurdles, since that is all I want to run in track. Before started off the season I wasn't really sure how to do them. I knew just a little bit about them since I did them in eighth grade. Learning a new skill can be difficult at times. When you try something you know a little about you start to want to learn how to do that task. As the season keeps going on I started to realize it was more difficult than it looks. I am not afraid to go over the hurdles like some people are. The hardest part is to get your steps down and to make sure you have good formation. My biggest fear is to knock over the hurdle and fall. I don't want to get all scraped up if I fall and I don't want to get injured. The weather has had its ups and downs this year. For example it was pretty nice out yesterday and now today it has been all cloudy and rainy. Therefore, the track meet has been cancelled for today. The running part of track isn't the greatest, but at least I am a sprinter so I don't need to run distances. I am not the greatest runner let's just say. I am more in it for the social part. It does feel good to be finished with a workout though. You feel awesome because you are keeping fit. I think that the track season will go very well this year. I think that the team gets along very well making this sport even more enjoyable. One nice thing is that track is a short season.

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