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Monday, April 16, 2012

Titanic Articles

Who?The Marconi Station at Cape Race

What?Latest News from the Sinking Ship

When was the article written?April 15, 1912

When is this article in relation to the ship's sinking?

Where?The Marconi station at Cape Race, N.F.

Why is this important?This story was telling about the signals and the other ships in the area.

Why was this story written? This was written to let other knows about the ships around that were willing to help and to have the latest update of what is happening


Who?White Star Liner Olympic

What? This is about the survivors coming on the Carpathia and are

When was the article written?April 16, 1912

When is this article in relation to the ship's sinking?This article is after the ship's sinking

Where?Cape Race, N.F.

Why is this important?This is important to let people know that there were survivors and they should be coming to New York on the Carpathia

Why was this story written?This story was written to inform readers that there were survivors


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