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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Woman Who Loved One And Hated One

It was the summer of 1962. Marilyn Monroe was in New Zealand. She was a musician, actress, and a model. Monroe was at a modeling contest when she noticed that John F Kennedy was in the audience watching her very closely. She knew something wasn't right. After the competition, she walked up to him and asked him why he was there. He was saying a lot of cheesy stuff to her to get her to go with him that night. She was convinced by him so she went with him and they went out. Later that night, John had told Marilyn that he knew George Harrison when Marilyn and George knew each other and had gotten into a fight and Marilyn didn't ever want to see him again. Marilyn had told John that she can't stand George at all. John said that it was going to be okay but in the back of her mind she knew it wasn't going to be okay.
George Harrison and Marilyn Monroe had always planned to go tours together to sing together and different places. One day, George had asked Marilyn to go on tour with him and Marilyn thought it would be fun. So, Marilyn went on tour with him in London. While they were there, Marilyn could tell that something wasn't right with George but she just left it alone. During the night while they were sleeping, George Harrison had killed Marilyn Monroe. George Harrison had killed her because he couldn't stand her being with John anymore. He knew that they had something going on between each other. George loved her but he knew that she didn't love him back. Once George had returned to New Zealand to tell John what happened, John reported it, that George had killed Marilyn so George ran away to Holland so they couldn't find him but it turns out that they found him and he was sentenced the death penalty. John had always said to George, "You deserve what you have coming to you because you're a horrible person."

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