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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Once upon a time.

Love, passion, and a murder most foul.
A body found in a London, England is believed to be that of none other then, George Harrison. The body has not yet been verified, and police could not get an exact match with looks because the face has been decaying, for what officers think is a little more then a week. The news has spread all of the way to New Zealand, and Hollan.
"I am just shocked that somebody would do something like this!", said step daughter, Marilyn Monroe. Monroe is 27 years of age. She has spent the last few days trying to ward of interviewers, but luckily, I was able to enter Monroe's home, and interview her.
As of right now, Kennedy is being held. It's not yet clear why her 32-year-old fiance, Kennedy has been linked to the murder. Kennedy told the NEWS WEEKLY, two days before he was taken for questioning, that when his fiance Marilyn Monroe's, father went missing that he and her family "Didn't think much of it. Mr.Harrison, went of and partied, sometimes for weeks at a time." There is nothing more that can be said on the story, because the homicide investigation, is ongoing.

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