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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ted Talk

I think that social media has changed quite a bit. I think that it has changed quite a bit because back then we didn't have much social media and nowadays we have tons and tons. Social media nowadays would be like the internet. The internet has lots of social media. Some big social media sites on the internet would be like Twitter and Facebook. Those two would be the bigger social media sites because there are a lot of people on there. Whatever you put on these sites, anybody can see so it does get around. The video that we watched wasn't that inspirational to me because you hear that same story almost every day and it's just getting old. Everything that he was saying on the video was true but yet once again I hear it all the time so it's nothing new to me. I think that social media changes things drastically. I think that it changes things drastically because not only do you just talk to people about things in person but you can talk to them about things on the internet. You can also just post stuff on the internet and you will more than likely be there forever and for everyone to see. All together I just think that social media is changing things drastically.

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