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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stay Active!

Exercising is very important for anyone. No matter what age you are you should be exercising. When you do so your body feels more energized and your metabolism is up. Many kids here at Deuel School get their exercise through a sport or they go to weight room after school and work out. “I enjoy working out and exercise, it makes me feel more energized,” stated freshman Stephanie Greber. Others do so at home. It does not matter where they exercise. The only thing that is important is that they are going out and being physically active. Only nineteen percent of high school students are active for twenty minutes or more a day. That means eighty-one percent of high school students are not physically active, that's well over half of the students. There are many benefits when you exercise.

One benefit is that you maintain and build healthy bones. It is very important for teenagers to have strong, healthy bones. Having healthy bones reduces the chance of injuring a bone. The more you exercise the stronger your body becomes.

According to experts exercise can help people sleep better. One thing that teens have a hard time doing is going to bed at a reasonable time. When you exercise it will become easier to fall asleep. That's a great benefit, sleep is very important. Therefore, exercising is good for your mind. Your mind will be sharp and ready for what the day brings.

Exercise makes you age better. Most teens aren't thinking about aging, but if you exercise it will benefit you in the long run. People who exercise age much better than those who don't. Women are prone to have bone weakness as they get older. A way to help prevent that from happening, exercise. Now go out and start exercising. Your body will thank you now and in the future. Exercising is very important no matter what age you are.

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