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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The All-Authentic Tour

Be ready to see the cameras flashing. Starting Friday September 18, 1958 there is going to be a huge tour. The All-Authentic Tour will end Friday September 25, 1957. This tour includes the latest fashion and the latest music. The tour will be going to London, England, Holland and on the final day of the tour will be appearing in New Zealand.
Famous Marilyn Monroe will be the host of this event. "The tour will be an once in a lifetime chance to see," stated Monroe. "I am going to be announcing what is going on in the event and introducing many artist," said Monroe. When she has time she is going to watch the fashion show. She said that the fashion show is one that you don't want to miss and that the fashion are going to be very chic and unique.
The All-Authentic Tour will go to London on the 18th, then will be going to Amsterdam, Holland the 22nd. The tour will be ending in Wellington, Holland on the 25th. The tour will be going on throughout the whole day. The day will be filled with small bands and other entertainment.
Fifteen year old George Harrison and his band will be playing some of their music. "We haven't really played at a big audience like this," said Harrison, "We are looking forward to the All-Authentic Tour, our band is just going to be playing in London." Harrison also stated that he is excited to see the new fashion and what the music is like right now.
The towns have been preparing to have this tour come through town. You can purchase your ticket through the phone or you can go to the ticket box the day of the event. The tickets are 25 U.S. dollars.
"I will be seeing this touring in Wellington and I want to see what the musicians around the world have been doing," stated Senator John F. Kennedy. He is also taking his wife on vacation. Kennedy also stated that he is planning on purchasing their tickets at the ticket box.

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