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Monday, February 20, 2012


We are currently writing stories for our newsletters. These newsletters are available around the community. We each had to write three stories. We did interviews. My stories are about the upcoming State Student Council Convention, eating healthy, and drinking enough water. If you are around the community feel free to stop by and pick one up at a local business. Writing sometimes gets difficult. A reason for this is something known as writers block. Writers block is when you can't think of what to write for your stories. It is sometimes difficult to write stories for a newsletter, because you can't put your opinion into the stories. Another hard part about writing these stories is putting in some quotes of what people have said. I think that writing these stories are overall interesting. You never know what your story is going to turn out to be. These stories are also very informative. You have to do some research sometimes if you don't know about your topic. Coming up with the questions for the interview is always a challenge. You want good questions to get good answers that you can use for a story.

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