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Monday, February 20, 2012


We decided to write some stories for a newsletter. We were told to pick three topics to write a story on. My three topics were Teenagers, Music Trip, and Small groups. For my Teenagers story, I put in there the struggles and advantages of being a teenager along with lots of different things such as self-esteem while being a teenager. In my Music Trip story, I wrote about how the Deuel High School band and choir are going to Chicago in March. They are not only going to Chicago but they are also to Wisconsin on their way there. They will be staying over night for one night in Wisconsin and the rest in Chicago. In my Small Groups story, I wrote about the Small Group contest that's coming up in March for the Deuel High School Chorus. The contest will be taking place in Watertown, SD at the Watertown High School. What it is, is its a contest where people are in small groups and have to sing a song. It's really easy because if you do it, you major in chorus so you could easily major.

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