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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Well, this year I would have to say that I was not to happy with most of the commercials. I am not sure why I wasn't super happy, but I think that it is because I am so used to the commercials being absolutely blown away by them, and this year, well I just wasn't. Just because I think that most of there commercials were not very good, does not mean that I did not like all of them. There were a few commercials that I thought were pretty funny! There was one commercial that really got me. There was a brown M&M and it was at a party, and then another M&M started to dance to the song, "Im sexy and I know it" and it just seemed really funny. I did not really watch much more of the game but I was able to see a few more commercials. Another commercial that I saw was about the type of chip and there was a song that was burying a cat, and then the dog saw that the man had seen him bury the cat and he told the man to not say anything while handing the man a bag of the cheese chips. The reason why I think it was funny is because its not something that you would think of for a commercial.

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