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Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Commercials

I think that the Super Bowl commercials are very funny. I don't really watch this football game. From what I did watch I thought the commercials were pretty good. I think that a lot of thought was put into these commercials and that they really do grab the attention of people. If you want to buy a product, you'll buy it because of the visual appeal in the commercial. My favorite commercials are typically the car commercials. I like these ones the best. A reason why is because of the speed of the cars. I really like these ones because they have that feel. The car commercials just make me want to by their car. Other commercials that I like are the M&M ones. I love chocolate and when I see them on a commercial, it just makes me want to eat chocolate. The commercials are very appealing to me. Overall, I liked the commercials that I saw.

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