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Monday, February 27, 2012

State Student Council

Do you drink enough water? Do you drink the recommended amount of water every day? There is a lot of importance in drinking water. Your body is about 70% water. That's over half of your body. Water is a simple way to keep you healthy.

The recommended amount of water to drink everyday is 64 ounces. Once you think about how much water that really is, it's a lot of water. Junior Andrew Puetz drinks a couple bottles of water a day. That is about half of the recommended amount. During the school day people stop at the water fountain. Many teens today are not getting enough water. It is very important for them to get water during sports activities.

When you are a teen you typically have a few zits here and there. You many even completely break out. A way to help prevent zits other than washing your face, which you should do everyday, is to drink the recommended daily amount of water. What does water exactly do for your pores? Water helps unclog pores. When your pores are unclogged your face feels very refreshed and clear of any blemishes. From some research, drinking water helps keep your teeth white and clean. Drinking soda or pop starts slowly turning your teeth yellow. Most people don't want to have yellow teeth. Water is clear therefore it doesn't stain your teeth like most pops do. Another thing is that pop is also can greatly increase the rate of tooth decay.

Drinking water helps build up your immune system. “Yeah, I feel better after drinking water,” stated Puetz. Therefore it helps prevent from getting sick. Water also keeps your digestive system in order. Another benefit of drinking enough water is to flush poisons out of your body. Water acts as a purifier for your body, it removes toxins and waste that your body doesn't need.

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