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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Are newspapers dying?

This question comes up quite often. Especially with those who are involved in the social media. I do not think that newspapers are going to die. I just think that they are going to be less frequent. I think that some of the daily newspapers will turn into a newspaper that prints every other day. They may even just print twice a week. I think that the New York Times will be around for a very, very long time. The newspapers that will stay around are also your local ones. The Clear Lake Courier will be here for a while because when you live in a small community you don't need have your own local news. To find out what is going on in the community you won't be able to turn on the TV and see that everything in the news is about the Deuel County area. You will find the news to be about the state. I also think that the newspapers will be around because not everybody has the access to technology. How are they supposed to know what is going on in the social media. I just think that newspapers will have to revamp their system. They will have to downsize their staff. They will also have to change some of their columns. The newspaper staff will have to be more versatile. They will have to be able to write more than one column. I think that the newspaper industry will survive. I do not think that the newspaper will die.

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