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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Are Newspapers Dying?

I think that newspapers are dying since we have more than just newspapers to get news from. I wouldn't be mad or disappointed if they got discontinued or something because I don't read them much anyways. I either watch the news on T.V. or get it off my phone. On my phone I have a news app so I wouldn't be mad about it. Others that read the newspapers probably would say that they aren't dying because they read them constantly and they more than likely wouldn't want them to be discontinued. I don't read them much because they really don't interest me at all. For one I don't like to read so I'm not going to read the newspaper. When I read the newspaper I always read the sports section or if I see a really interesting story in there then I'll read it. Otherwise I won't have any interest in it so I wouldn't mind if the newspapers died. The only thing that I would miss about the newspaper, would be getting the ads from it. Not all of the newspapers come with ads, but most of them do like the Public Opinion and Argus Leader. I love looking at the ads from the newspaper.

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