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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tips for a great wedding kiss

Today I read an article in the paper on tips for a great wedding kiss. They talked about when Prince William and Kate had got married and how when they had their first kiss, it was a really bad kiss and everybody started to chant to kiss again. Before your wedding you should really talking about the kiss. You should probably talk about what kind of kiss you're going to want to give each other so you don't end up messing up and making a fool of yourselves. The right kind of kiss should be really long not a peck. That's not so romantic. In the article it tells you that you should practice kissing before your wedding. I think that sounds so silly but they say it works and makes the kiss at your wedding more romantic. You will really want to do lots of practice if the groom will dip the bride. You would really wanna practice that because the groom wouldn't want to drop the bride because that would just be a really bad thing to do. Also in the article they talked about do something you're both comfortable with doing if you don't wanna do the whole dip the bride thing. It says that the groom feels more pressured than the bride about the kiss so you should do something that you both feel comfortable doing. Lastly, it talks about not being gross. The making out or a tongue kiss really isn't appropriate for a wedding since there lots and lots of people watching such as your grandparents and they probably don't want to see that. Overall, talk about the kiss before your big day! :)

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