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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Should South Dakota band texting and driving?

Today, I was browsing through some news sites and found an article about a texting band in South Dakota. Should South Dakota band texting and driving? Yes, texting and driving is very dangerous. I don't think that banding texting and driving will help anything. It's hard to regulate someone if they are texting and driving. Is stopping at a stop sign and texting a bad thing? I think that it's going to be very hard for a law enforcement officer to know if someone is texting and driving. There are many apps that people can get on their phones so that they can voice text. I think that the people who text and drive won't know the consequences until they get in an accident themselves or get a ticket for careless driving. I know that texting and driving is a big topic and people are out there trying to get people to stop. Is it decreasing the number of people that text and drive? I also don't know if the number is decreasing. Some people may just think, that's never going to happen to me. With all the technology around there is always going to be an issue. Are they going to set a law for using ipods in cars? People use there ipods to listen to songs just as much as they do for texting. That's another danger. Yeah, you can keep your eyes on the road when finding a song, but sometimes you just want to find the song you want to listen to. Then you start looking through your ipod for the song, the next thing you know you are in a ditch. I think that banding texting and driving is going to be very difficult to monitor and a waste of time. I like the idea, but how are they going to know? If you were on your ipod changing a song are they going to give you a ticket for texting and driving? There could be many different cases, whether a person is texting or not. I think that the law will let people be more aware that they can get into trouble for doing it.

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