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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Accidents Increase

There was more law enforcement activities this past year in Codington County. The Sheriff doesn't think that it is a bad thing that there were more accidents or crimes. He was just saying that they are doing there job and have more public involvement. I think that it is a good thing they are having more arrests in the county. There were also more accidents in the year, because of the bad weather in the beginning of the year. Most of those accidents were people who slid in the ditch and were not injured. I really like that the officers are sitting in the school zones. When they are there they are watching over the children. Another thing they are doing is keeping the kids safe. They are keeping the kids safe because they catch the people that are speeding in the school zones. I think that it is a good thing catching people for doing illegal drugs. Drugs are bad. If you do something illegal you are probably bound to get caught. You shouldn't do something illegal if you don't want to get caught. I also like the fact that they have more public involvement. A reason why is because then the police officers are aware of what to watch for. The police officers also will know where to go and they know where the crimes are most likely to happen. They just want to protect the community. They don't want to do any harm. The police are just doing their job. Today's police officers probably didn't like the police very much, but they probably did know that it is a good thing to have them. If we didn't have any crimes their wouldn't be any officers. If there were no officers then the chances for there to be a crime is much greater.

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