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Monday, January 30, 2012


We made T-charts for when we did the Newscast but for the spotlight video, I think we could also do a Spotlight video for that too. I think that we could write our questions in there like we did before if we were to ask them questions. I think asking questions would be a great idea. To me, spotlighting is focusing on one person. Since we're doing gymnastics, I would say to focus on Sam Wiekamp since she's like the star of the team. I just think that it would make more sense to do a spotlight on one person rather than the whole team. But since we will be doing it on the whole team, we could just go to some of their practices and record them at practice along with pulling some of them to the side and asking them questions on camera so they could just bounce off of each other's answers. We would really have to come up with some really good questions that they could really elaborate on. I also think that we could go record them at their meets since we go to some of them already but I would say that we would have to do that soon since state is just right around the corner.
Overall, I think that this would be fun to do if not very many people know what's happening in the gymnastics world. It would be really awesome if one of your journalism classmates got to go to state and record there.

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