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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Parents to learn about bullying

I read an article on Keloland and it was about how parents should learn about bullying and whether or not their children are being bullied in school or not. Bullying can happen in any grade not just a specific grade. People think that bullying doesn't happen in elementary school but really does. People think that it only happens in middle school and high school. I remember when I was in elementary school and there was bullying happening. There is still bullying in high school. It happens everyday and not everyone think that there is bullying but really there is and somehow I think that it should stop. Since Sioux Falls is planning on doing some training for parents for their elementary students is a great idea and I think that other schools should do that. Not only does bullying happen in bigger schools, it happens in small schools like mine. I really think that every student should know what bullying is and how to stop it so I think that we could create a program about it and speak out about it. Once middle school in Sioux Falls had a program about it already and it was a huge success. There has been less bullying there and I think we could do that as well. I really think that people to learn to stand up and say something to a bully instead of just letting them get by with it. Students really need to learn to do that otherwise the bullying will not stop. In order for the program to work if our school were to do it, I think that it would take more than just the students to make the program work. It would also take the parents and staff's help. With the parents knowing about bullying, they could make sure the home environment is better and such things like that. I really think everybody needs to realize how much bullying happens in schools nowadays. No one would ever think about how much bullying is going on. One day, it will get way out of control and then there really will be no way out of it. Someone has to do something about it before it gets way out of control.

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