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Monday, January 30, 2012

Spot lighting

So today we were given the idea for Spotlighting. I was a little bit confused about what exactly the idea for spotlighting was, so I went ahead and went on Google and looked up with there definition for it was and Google said that it was nothing more then just an interview on one certain person. There is something a little different from the regular spot light clip from the one that we are thinking about doing as a class. That one thing that is different in our spot light then the other spot lights is that we, we being our whole class, plan on doing a spot light on a whole team, not just one player or participant.
One of the things that we will need to do is select a sport. That could be a big dession, there are teams that get extra attention then other activities, and we would want to make it as fare as we could by picking all different types of activities.
I think that this will be a super fun thing to try! I am always up to trying new things!

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