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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

News Article


Well I'm back and I read an article on the internet about a high school hockey player paralyzed after hitting boards. This story was super sad. Not even a period into the game, Jack Jablonski scored their first goal and then a player had accidentally checked him from behind into the end boards. The 16- year old sophomore collapsed motionless on the ice was taken off the ice by a cart and was taken to a nearby hospital. He has not been able to move his legs and only some movement in his hands and fingers but not much. Later this week he will be having surgery. The doctors are going to repair his broken vertebrae.
To me, this story is so sad. He really was a great athlete and the "stud" of the team. He loved playing hockey and tennis but mostly hockey. While Jack lays in the hospital, all of his teammates come in and visit him, only three at a time. The whole hockey team stands out in the hallway waiting for their turn. His family is so overwhelmed and shocked that this has happened to him. They ask for your prayers and thoughts and Jack overcomes his very heartbreaking story.
This story just tells people to think about others and not just yourself. Other people need you there for them also. Not that I know Jack or anything, but I would definitely pray for a speedy recovery for him.
A little more about me? Well, I am a very outgoing person. I'm not no stuck up person at all. I'm super outgoing. I will usually do whatever. I'm also a very soft, kind hearted girl. I'm always worrying about other people and making sure they are okay. I never stop believing. I believe everything happens for a reason whether its good or bad. Everything will always turn out to be okay.
Always think positive. <3

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