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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What does your hair say about you?


Well according to this news article, you hair style says things about you that you might have or might now have tried for. When i read this article, i felt like i could see a little bit deeper into the mans mind. There are so many things that i never even thought of that this article. For instance I thought that all guys thought that long hair was sexy or pretty but more then 50% of men think that to long of hair is intimidating. I think that hair should never be to long other wise it looks gross and it would get tangled to easy. Another thing that i learned is that guys like the more natural look rather then the big, teased, or bumped up hair. I think that i learned a lot about this article.
Well now that you know about the article i am going to write more about me, and my loved ones. I do not know were i would be if I didn't have the friends or family that I have now. I am so blessed and I know that I take it all for granted. I love my parents very much. They give me everything that I could ever want and more. Sometimes I ask for more then I deserve and I know that they will try there absolute hardest to get me what I need. I am not sure why but god has given me more then i deserve and I am so unbelievably thankful for it all. I have a great family and an amazing boyfriend! I love them all to death!

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