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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

bargains, sports, obsessions


Some prices are dropping in 2012, they may benefit you or have nothing to do with you. It is a good sign that European travel is cheaper, since I would love to travel there someday. I would spend the money on a traveling to go to Europe, because of the Euro to US currency change. You are still saving yourself money. It's a good sign to see that prices are dropping. When prices drop that means that the economy is slowly getting better. I don't expect everything to be boughten at a dollar store though. Every dollar that drops is very helpful to saving a dollar. I myself am a saver. Putting random cash in your piggy bank is a great way to save!I chose this article to write about is because I am always looking for a deal and am a bargain shopper.
For the next month here I am going to be focused on gymnastics. We have the state meet in a little more than a month, but it is going to be quickly approaching us. Our team has been working hard each and every day at practice. Each and every day we try to improve a little more. The team is like family to me during this time of year. We are all very close and all get along very well, we care about each other. They are very good friends and teammates to have.
Some obsessions I have now a days is cheetah print, painted fingernails, and sparkles. I am absolutely in love with cheetah print, to me it is very pretty. I even have a purple cheetah print phone cover. Painting my nails is always fun, you can choose any color you would like. The color you choose can tell a lot about your personality.I like to stick with my pinks and purples. I also like anything sparkly. I would love to own a pair of purple sparkly heels, if of course I had a reason to get them and wear them.

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