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Thursday, January 12, 2012

I was gone :)

Well everybody, I was gone for class, and I am sure that they all missed me very much ha ha!:) The rest of my class had to read the blogs that they picked out, but since I was gone, I got a different thing to right on. The thing that I am supposed to write on is my experience of going to Watertown South Dakota to get my drivers permit. It was the first time that I had ever taken the test and I am not going to lie, it was super scary! I was so nerves! The first thing that started our trip to Watertown was that I got out of school early, which is always a blessing in itself, and I headed home to pick up a few things that I would need to show the gentleman or lady that would be at the drivers ed. place. After we left my house we headed off to Watertown. All of the way to Watertown I had my nose in the drivers ed. Manual. Then I looked up and opened up the mirror that was in the visor in our truck, and I asked my mom if I should smile with, or without, my teeth. Then I realized something, I should probably worry about passing the test first. After we got into Watertown, it was time to go into the drivers place and by then my heart was pounding. We got into the building and I filled out a piece of paper that was on the table, it just asked things like my name and my gender, pretty simple stuff. They called out my number, which was 69, and then we walked up to the man at the counter and he said that the test was not to hard and if I didn't pass it I shouldn't stress out about it. I went into the room and the computer was all touch screen. After I took the test, I waited for my results and I was pretty disappointed to read that I didn't pass by 1 point! I will be headed back there tomorrow, so that I can retake the test and hopefully pass this time.

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