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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Typical Day

Today was just a typical day at school. You go to your classes, you learn, and you visit with friends. Every day is about the same. Some days something interesting happens and some days the day is just dull. Wednesday is usually everyone's "lazy day". It is the day that everyone is most tired and they just want the week to be over with. I enjoy Thursday's the best because I am excited to see what the day brings and people are in a more cheerful mood then they were on Wednesday. People today were excited and were dreading the snow. We have some pretty big snowmobiling fans and they were excited. People such as myself were not very pleased seeing the soon on the ground. I don't mind the snow when it isn't blowing around and when it is just below freezing to make ice on the lakes. I need to get my ice fishing in for the year! Early in the morning I went to Algebra II and we worked with quadratic formulas. Next, was biology, that was pretty fun today! I enjoyed learning about the different things that we learned about today. My favorite part of today was when I looked at the lunch menu in my study hall, which is third hour, and saw that french toast was for lunch. In Spanish we are doing a couple of projects, which aren't too difficult, they are pretty fun! In Comp. Speech my class went through their puppet scripts they wrote. They were all very interesting. The school days go by pretty quick or at least that's what I think. Before we know it the school year will be over and we will be Juniors. When school gets out I am looking forward to summer. Summer is always a good time. There are so many things that happen.

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