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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Anythinggg. :)

Today we were told to blog about our Reader's blog. I checked it today and the only blog that really had any new updates was my cupcake blog. I absolutely love that blog. Today that so many new ideas on what kind of cupcakes you can make. The main one was Justin Bieber cupcakes. I love Justin Bieber so I absolutely love them. They have many toppers for them or you can just actually draw him out on top of the cupcake with different colors of frosting. Another kind that they had on there was bride and groom cupcakes. I thought they had some really cool ideas for those. They have toppers for those also or otherwise you could just draw them out on top of the cupcake too. Another idea they had was a peanut butter and jelly cupcake. I really don't think I would ever make those because I just don't think that they would be that great. I would most definitely try them if someone else made them but I wouldn't make them myself. They also had some fruit ones on there that I would try. They had a banana kind and I would most definitely try that kind because I love almost every flavored banana stuff. They also had these cup things. They had like pudding or frosting in the them with like either oreo's or whatever you wanted to put in them. The one that I seen that looked really good to me was the cookies and oreo's one. That looks so good. I would definitely make that sometime.

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