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Monday, January 16, 2012

:Cell Phones:

Today, I read an article in the newspaper about young kids having cell phones. There are many parents getting their kids cell phones, but what age is the perfect age to get them a phone? Some parents get phones for their kids when they are six years old. I think that is way to young. My parents didn't get me a phone until I was in seventh grade and it was towards the end of the year. I think that getting kids a phone when they are in elementary is way to young. Back when they didn't have cell phones, the kids were still safe. What was so different back then? Nothing, was really all that different. Parents now a days are just thinking this is a safe way to get ahold of my kids. It was safe then for their children to come home safely, so now it is still safe for your children to come home. I think when your children start getting into middle school or even waiting until they are in seventh grade is a good time to get them a phone. That's when most of their friends have a phone and it is when kids start sports. When kids start sports they stay after school instead of coming home like they used to when they were in elementary school. I think that's a great time to get kids a phone. I don't think that a kid that is in first or even second grade need a phone. Kids need to have fun and not worry about their technology, they will have plenty of time use technology when they get older. I remember when I was younger I had the best times at recess and daycare without a phone. I was just playing with my friends and I had lots of fun. I loved my daycare ages, because no one cared what kind of phone you had, they just cared about having a good time and enjoying themselves. I think that parents should just hold off and wait until their kids are in sports to get a phone. Let the kids have fun without the phones, they don't need them. Your kids will be safe, just like they were 20 years ago. The next generation doesn't just need to know how to use technology, but they also need to know how to interact with others. There are benefits of having cell phones for kids as well. One time my family was on a trip and we were at a festival and a little girl was lost, my mom asked the girl her mom's number, so she could be able to get ahold of her mom and find her. My mom's phone helped that girl find her mom. That is a time when a phone was useful. There are people all around that are willing to help a child. Some benefits of having a phone is that you can keep in touch with your friends without having to be with them, you can set up plans for the weekend much easier. It is better to text about making plans than calls. This is just my opinion you may have your own opinion, maybe when I get older my mind will change, but for now my mind is set.

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