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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beauty Department


Today I read the beauty department blog. I read many things on this site. Some things that are on here is hairstyles, makeup, and just simply things about beauty. I read about making small eyes looking bigger. This blog is very interesting to me because I am always looking for new hairstyles. I have yet to try one of the hairstyles, but they do look very simple and easy to follow. I want to do one of their updos. I really enjoy trying new hairstyles, it takes practice though, which sometimes I don't have the patience for. Another thing that this blog shows is about makeup. I love makeup and doing my makeup. I am always looking for simple and subtle ways to do makeup. I also like having my own style in doing my makeup. Another thing that I like about this blog is that it shows you the price of the products that they used and that they show what products were used. It is good to know exactly what they used because sometimes I have what they used. One of the makeup post I looked at had to do with glitter. I love having a little bit of shimmer on my eyes. I looked at the obsessions as well. On the obsessions it showed how to keep your to do a basic manicure. I love painting my nails and having any color that I wished to put on my nails. I really like that OPI nail polish was shown because I use that kind of nail polish all the time. I was really excited when the Muppet series came out. They had some really awesome colors that came out. They had lots of glittery polishes with that series as well.This blog site overall shows very good tips and techniques. I would recommend anyone who likes beauty to look at this blog.

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