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Thursday, January 19, 2012

About Our Blogs

Today I checked in with my Blogs that I have subscribed and I had seen that a couple of them had some updates while some didn't. One of the blogs that had an update was my Photography blog. My photography blog had updates on how to take photos. It also had information on there on how to make pictures look better on the computer or if you have a really high quality camera. On that blog there are a bunch of pictures on there and they are actually really cool. On the blog, they would recommend to use Nikon brand camera's. They recommend Nikon because they have really high qualities for their cameras.
Another blog that had an update was again my cupcake blog. They have some really cool ideas. Another cool idea they have is a caramel popcorn crunch cupcakes. They sound so good. I know I would definitely make those. I think on the cupcake blog, the main theme today was popcorn because they have so many ideas on there about popcorn cupcakes or popcorn cookies. They really have some cool ideas on what to do with them. Another type of cupcakes they have on there are workout cupcakes. They look really cool.

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