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Monday, May 9, 2011

ZOOming to Omaha

On May 11th the seniors in Mrs. Ramona Lundberg's Bio 153 class will be embarking in a trip to Omaha, Nebraska. It only makes sense that they'll be visiting the Henry Doorly Zoo!

They will be leaving on May 11th after school to head down to Omaha, which will take about four and a half hours. They plan on staying over night in a hotel that night. On May 12th, Mrs. Lundberg and the class will be visiting the zoo! Everyone is very excited to go down and visit the zoo and learn a lot about animal behaviors, diets, personalities, characteristics. The class will be able to rome the exhibits in small groups but some exhibits the class will view with Mrs. Lundberg so she can explain the full effect to the class. The Desert Dome and the anenomes will be viewed with Mrs. Lundberg because there a little details we may not notice if they are not pointed out!

The class will be gone for school on Thursday, but will still be learning a lot, just in a more enjoyable way!

To write this story, I plan to interview Mrs. Lundberg and some classmates of mine in Bio 153. I plan to ask them what they anticipate and expect for the trip!

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