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Monday, May 9, 2011

In the final days

The school year is starting to dwindle down and that means, at least at our school, semester tests. These test are taken to show the teacher what you retained over the year. I would suppose it helps them know what they need to spend more time on in class and what you have a great knowledge on. I personally think they are just something that makes kids feel stress about having to study. I do think however they are a good way to make sure you students were paying attention all year, and have a good understanding ot move on to the next step. This year, in the classes I am taking, I have two tests. The two tests that I will have to take are biology and algebra II. In my other classes we have projects that will be due the end of the school year. I will be planning on finding out what other student's testing schedule will be like, and how many tests that they actually have to take. I plan on asking some people how these test make them feel, and how they might prepare for semesters. I understand that the test are about three weeks away but i am sure they are on a person's mind at this point. I want to get another person's perspective on how they are planning on handling the end of the year pressure of semesters.

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