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Monday, May 9, 2011

Geometry Shapes!

In journalism I am going to be writing a story about the geometry project. We started this project and we will be working on it for the next 2 weeks until the last week of school which will be left open for studying for the semester test. We first started by finding the surface area and the volume of a pop corn bag. Now we have been starting on the worksheets that we get over the object that we talking about. These worksheets are about pyramids, rectangular prisms, cones, and cylinders. Once we finish a worksheet then we take a test over them. We do these all in our groups that we picked. In my group there is Carrie Volzke and Myles Peterson. Along with all that we have to make a short little vocab sheet over words that may not know or some of the words that we haven't talked about. At the end of the project we have to create a popcorn bag that can hold more popcorn then the bags that we have in the concession stand already. One twist to that is, we can't change the surface area which means we can have more material then there already is, if there is a way. Once we figure that all out then we have to show Mr. Schirnbeck.

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