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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wrapping Up!

The school year is just about over and all things are coming to an end. I really think that this year semesters are not going to be that hard. I am going to be gone next monday and tuesday so I already know what I will be doing. For my first period I have chorus and we are not having any test we are just done after next tuesday. So I get to sleep in which makes me happy. Then for second period we are taking a test which will be not that hard. For third period we are taking another test which will be my hardest and after that I will be pretty much stress free. For 4th period we have a project where we have to make a movie of like our life in spanish. 5th period I have study hall so I do not have anything. 6th period we have to give a speech and have an outline and web cited. 7th period we are making a business project of our business. In 8th period we are writing a paper and doing our portfolios. I am done with every single thing besides my tests and one story other than that I am done. This makes me really happy because I am pretty much done with school and I get study halls which makes me not stressed anymore.

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